Bud’s Aluminum Relay Racks Make Quick Work of 19″ rack mount needs

It is hard to find a product that is more functional than an Aluminum Relay Rack. With its simple two rails structure, it allows easy mounting of components with complete air circulation providing the ultimate in cooling.

Long considered only valuable in the telecommunications industry, it seems to be developing a following in other fields including server farms and testing. The biggest advantage is weight given that aluminum is much lighter weight than steel. With a weight of only 31 pounds for the best-selling 77” panel space size, it does not require two people to move it into a facility nor to assemble. Their extruded rails provide incredible strength making them the go-to product for any 10 or 23” needs.
Bud’s ARR-1272-NF is the ultimate server rack

These relay racks are available in two finishes (natural and black textured) and in two heights (77” and 42” panel height) and two widths (19” and 23”). They are easy to assemble, and come complete in one carton with all assembly hardware included. Since they ship knocked down in the single carton, it makes for easy storage when using a large quantity of racks.

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