Sept. 30 Webinar: The Importance of Hermetic Connectors in Space Bound Equipment

hermetic connectors for space applications

Test instruments are almost never compatible with the space environment leading to the condition of having to pass all connections through pressure differential walls that separate the two environments. This is where hermetic connectors come into play and they need to possess distinct features allowing for multiple test configurations.

The Circular Argument for Durable Connectors

circular connectors

Circular power and signal connectors can be used in many applications, ranging from aerospace equipment to medical equipment to lighting for streets and vehicles, and from industrial machines to robotics. What makes them so popular?

PosiBand: The Most Reliable Grip on Electronic Connectors


PosiBand does a better job of putting a positive grip on connections than anything else in its class, assuring that there is constant power provided through our connectors, such as D-subminiatures, even in the most rugged environments.