The Flexibility of Modular Connectors

Positronic modular connectors

Modular connectors are designed to allow customers to construct a bespoke design from a range of standard options. The components of the modular connector are already designed and ready to manufacture, making it easy for the customer to specify the exact features required.

Battery Solutions for Renewable Energy

Battery Solutions for Renewable Energy

Power Sonic’s high cycling performance batteries allow renewable energy to be stored at times of low demand and then released into the grid when demand is at its peak.

Touch Screen Design Guide

Get Nelson Miller touchscreen guide

Nelson-Miller’s capacitive or resistive touchscreen solutions can be integrated into your panel along with a wide selection of additional design features to fit your unique application.

Military & Aerospace Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

wire harnesses and cable assemblies video for mil aero by consolidated

Consolidated Electronic Wire and Cable has the knowledge and experience necessary to meet even the most stringent requirements for everything from tactical cable to military-grade connectors and space equipment cables.