EAO Series 84 Compact Halo Illuminated Switch

Easily create stunning lighting effects with the series 84 halo compact.

The new Series 84 Halo Compact provides a simple way to package up to eight different status indications into a single unit making this multi-functional, illuminated switching element suitable for a wide range of market segments such as special vehicles, machinery control panels and public environments.

Easy assembly using halo compact module, transparent switch bezel and lens. Supply 24V and select illumination by setting different pins. The halo can flash, rotate or cycle. The symbol on the lens can also be illuminated. Combine three different 24V inputs to select the 8 built-in lighting effects. Electronic latching switch function using fourth input.

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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for EAO Switches. EAO’s HMI components include award winning push buttons, indicators, emergency stop switches, rotary selectors, keylocks, and more.

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