Custom EMI, RFI and EMC Solutions by Astrodyne TDI

custom emi filters

Astrodyne TDI offers a broad portfolio of power supplies and EMI filters which have a long legacy of field demonstrated reliability in a wide array of applications. These power supplies range from 5W to 16.5kW and are core technology building blocks that are utilized as the foundation of larger system solutions up to 500kW.

Astrodyne designs cost-effective EMI filters and RFI filter solutions for project-specific applications for the military, aerospace, commercial, industrial, medical and appliance industries.

Their unrivaled 30+ years of expertise helps you get your product to market quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of internal hassle. Astrodyne is dedicated to providing economically viable EMI & RFI filters and EMC solutions to satisfy your unique needs. To achieve this, they have two fully equipped in-house shielded facilities where EMC testing, EMI/RFI filter design and EMC solution development are accomplished.

We have experience with aerospace (RTCA/DO160) as well as commercial (FCC, CISPR, EN, VDE, AUSTEL, SABS, etc.) test standards. They have been helping our customers achieve compliance with European Union EMC requirements (CE) since their inception. Astrodyne Electronics has over 18,000 different filter designs and in many circumstances, can tailor these designs to meet the most demanding product requirements without costly and time consuming re-engineering.

Since EMC is Astrodyne’s primary business, they can usually provide a solution for a custom-designed EMI application within five days. They provide high quality, cost-effective and unique EMC solutions, as well as quick turn-around times — typically, they’ll supply custom prototypes within one week, and production quantities in four weeks.

If involved early on in your product design cycle, they also can offer you expert customers consulting services, application engineering, and assistance in selecting components that are EMC friendly. At their agency approved “in-house” test facility, US, Canadian and/or European safety approvals can be obtained quickly and cost effectively on any customized and custom product if needed.

Custom Astrodyne TDI EMI Filter Specs

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Astrodyne TDI

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