What is an EMI/RFI Filter?

Some of Astrodyne's EMI Filters
Some of Astrodyne’s EMI Filters


EMI filters, or electromagnetic interference filters (also called RFI filters) are an electrical device/ circuit that mitigate the high frequency electromagnetic noise present on the power and signal lines. The high frequency noise is generated by a variety of electrical and electronic devices such as motors, electronic controls, power supplies, inverters, clock circuits, microprocessors, appliances, electronic devices, etc. The noise is typically in the 9kHz to 10GHz frequency range and it can degrade or prevent the signal transmissions and/or the intended performance of an electrical/electronic equipment. The lower frequency components of EM noise can impact power quality as well…


We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Astrodyne TDI, a manufacturer of power supplies and EMI filters for industrial, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, consumer appliance, military, aerospace, and many varied markets.

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