SUNON’s concentration for more than 30 years on the research and development of core motor technology enables it to release numerous patented products that set the pace for the industrial trend. These products include Maglev, the first magnetic levitation motor fan product in the world, the Mighty Mini series, the smallest/thinnest fan products in the world, and various thermal modules for LED panels, etc. Today SUNON has become the best thermal solution provider for clients across various industries, such as IT, automobile electronics, optical electronics, and network communication, claiming global shares of 26% and 19% respectively in the markets of projectors and notebook computers. The company has also accomplished impressive achievements in markets of recordable set top boxes (22%), mobile AV systems (8%), and servers (6%).

SUNON has a research and development team which consists of more than 400 professional engineers. Each year the company draws up an R&D budget that exceeds 10~12% of its annual turnover, which has allowed the company to obtain a total of 1586 patents worldwide. In 2004, Technology Review ranked SUNON as 48th in the world and 4th in Taiwan in terms of technology strength. In Business Weekly’s list of top 100 companies in terms of patents granted, SUNON was ranked 4th in the category of Parts and Modules in 2005 and 1st in the category of Power Equipment/Transportation Equipment in 2007. In 2009 and 2010, SUNON was ranked number one market in worldwide DC/AC fan suppliers by the precision motor market research of Japan Fuji Economic.

Invention and innovation require a lot of manpower, financial resources, and time, but SUNON is confident that by adhering to the development of intelligent mini motors and by training high tech professionals in the field of motors, it can not only realize sustainable development but can also help to sharpen Taiwan’s competitiveness in innovation.

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