ZAGO sealing boots and hardware


HHP Associates Inc., a division of ESI, is your Florida representative for ZAGO Manufacturing, one of the world’s largest and most respected producers of custom, high-tech, clean, and inherently green sealing solutions and components.

ZAGO self-sealing fasteners with O-rings and self-sealing switch boots effectively shield toxins from leaking in or out into the surroundings and can withstand the harshest of temperatures, weather conditions, and pressures.

ZAGO’s sustainable sealing solutions and components are used in countless industries, including aerospace, automotive and transportation, commercial LED lighting, medicine, robotics and drones, energy, electronics, and more. Clients span the world and include Apple, Google, Ferrari, BOSE, Lockheed Martin, HP, and others.

See optimum performance in your machinery and rule out the possibility of failure with ZAGO’s high tech self-sealing screws and bolts.

Fully protect your electronic devices with push button, toggle and rotary switches from hostile environments.

Crystal clear solutions for protecting your switches from contaminants, extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

ZAGO’s sealing nuts and washers are designed to withstand extreme pressure and to form a complete seal along the threading of your bolt.

These ultimate screws will provide you with outstanding security against any external/internal contamination from air, water, gas and other materials.

Custom solutions to meet your unique specifications and challenges.