Zettler Group specializes in LCDs, relays, transformers, toroids and inductors.

American Zettler produces over forty different types of relays to meet the many specific requirements of commercial and industrial applications. Because of their high reliability, American Zettler relays are used in a wide range of demanding applications including telecommunications systems, computer peripheral and office automation equipment, home appliances, security systems, test and measurement devices, industrial controls and many other types of electric and electronic equipment. To meet this demand off-the-shelf, American Zettler stocks over one million relays in all common coil resistances and contact configurations. In addition, American Zettler works closely with a computerized distribution network with stocking facilities in virtually every major industrial area in the world.

AZ Displays manufactures and markets a broad line of TFT panels and LCD modules and has established an industry leading reputation as a provider of top quality display solutions in a wide range of industry applications. Digital TFT Panels span across a broad selection of diagonal sizes and resolutions. This wide spectrum of TFT Modules is made available for numerous applications such as Avionics, Medical, Navigation Systems, Industrial Controls, Irrigation Controls, Testing/Measurement devices, Smart Metering and many more.

Zettler Magnetics transformers include epoxy sealed power transformers, open frame, low profile, switching transformers and chokes, while toroids include current sensing, zero phase current sensor, current transformers, PFC chokes and large power line filter inductors. Zettler Magnetics has the design and manufacturing capability to provide custom designs for the most specialized applications.


TFT Panels and LCD Modules

Transformers, Toroids & Inductors

  • Over 40 different types of relays including automotive, solar, appliance, industrial, power, telecom relays and contactors
  • Other products include thermistors, thermostats, circuit breakers, motor start potential relays
  • Contract manufacturing services
  • Broad selection of sizes and resolutions
  • TFT panels for avionics, medical, navigation systems, industrial controls, irrigation controls, testing/measurement devices, smart metering and more
  • LCD character modules
  • LCD graphic display modules
  • TFT LCD development boards


  • Epoxy sealed power transformers, open frame, low profile, switching transformers and chokes
  • Sensing toroids, zero phase current sensors, current transformers, PFC chokes and large power line inductors

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