July 14 Webinar: Building a Modular Connector for your Application

modular connector webinar

Modular connectors are becoming more popular and many connector manufacturers provide choices for this type of design. But, not all modular connectors are created equal. They are manufactured in different ways, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Join speaker Bill Gentry, Vice President of Business Development, for a webinar on how Positronic modular power and signal connectors are engineered to provide multiple voltage ratings in one connector, seven different sizes of contacts, and efficient power density.

In the webinar, Positronic will cover:

  • Positronic modular connectors
  • Custom-driven product designs
  • Applications where modular connectors are a best fit

WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 12 p.m. EST
TOPIC: Building a Modular Connector for Your Application
SPEAKER: Bill Gentry, VP of Business Development
WHERE: Register to join online

As the local rep for Positronic, we can assist with pricing, samples or additional technical information. Please reach out to sales@hhpai.com for information.