Self-sealing screws and bolt pressure tests meet military NASM 82496 standards

self sealing screws and boltsTo meet NASM 82496 standards, parts must be pressure- and time-tested to be certain that they meet the very highest standards: military industry requirements. To ensure their self-sealing screws and bolts function according to these standards, APM Hexseal’s knowledgeable engineering and test staff perform all of the necessary tests on-site. Each NASM82496 part comes with a guarantee of the product’s exceptional quality, as shown by a certification of the completed test.

These parts meet military standards, so they can be used by all branches of the military, as well as the contractors who produce the specialized and sophisticated technology used in our nation’s defense. To give you the opportunity to see the exceptional quality of their work, APM Hexseal will pay for the first test of their Seelskrews® themselves.

These unique self-sealing screws and bolts form a reliable seal that is reusable and can be counted on to prevent any contamination, protecting your equipment even in extreme environments. To meet a wide range of needs, Seelskrews® are carried in a broad selection of standard thread sizes, with many O-ring elastomer options.

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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for APM Hexseal. APM Hexseal has an extensive line of standard silicone sealing boots that mate with the vast majority of switches, breakers, encoders, potentiometers and many other rotating devices found today throughout the world.