The Most Reliable Medical-Grade UPS

Medical Grade UPS POWER BRIDGE by AstrodyneTDI

Astrodyne TDI is introducing the most reliable medical-grade UPS, the POWER BRIDGE™- perfect for critical applications in surgical suites.

Eliminate the Isolation Station

POWER BRIDGE™ provides uninterrupted power with internal medical isolation for robotic surgeries using the latest chip technology in the market.

Astrodyne TDI’s uninterruptible power provides high reliability solutions in critical locations such as laboratories, surgical suites, industrial process equipment, and military systems. The new PowerBridge ACUPS system provides backup power for demanding applications while facility emergency power ramps up. With an output rating of 2000VA continuous, along with battery capacity for >2 minutes at full rated power, Power Bridge provides a cost effective solution to assure continuous operation of mission-critical equipment.


High Reliability for Critical Applications
Astrodyne TDI’s comprehensive reliability assurance processes, including design to the rigorous requirements of NAVSO P3641A, HALT, DFMEA and our unique Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) on 100% of production units, assure the ultimate in unit reliability and performance.

High Power
2kVA Output Power in a 2U high, 19” rack space
Run time > 2 minutes at 2kVA, 5 minutes at 1kVA


  • Ultimate reliability performance
  • Lithium-Ion batteries technology with individual cell monitoring and temperature compensation
  • 2kVA Output Power in a 2U high, 19″ rack space
  • Over 2 minutes of run-time at 2kVA with options to get up to 5 minutes
  • Up to 10 years of extended battery life
  • Designed to rigorous requirements of NAVSO P3641A, HALT, DFMEA, and HASS
  • Rear Panel Circuit Breaker (Input Circuit Breaker and 4 Output Circuit Breakers)
  • Front Panel Indicators (AC Input Status, AC Output Status, Battery Status, and AC Output Powered by Battery)

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