Power Sonic PowerPure RT Single Phase UPS Systems – 1-10 kVA


Small and easy-to-use single phase rack and tower UPS system providing clean and uninterrupted power in 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 6kVA and 10kVA sizes.

Range Features

  • High frequency and true double-conversion online technology
  • Unity power factor and low input current THD
  • High reliability and availability with DSP microprocessor control
  • 1.0 output power factor
  • LCD display with multifunction settings
  • Rack/tower design
  • Cold start function
  • Eco-mode operation for energy saving

The PowerPure RT Series is an online double conversion UPS providing stable sine-wave power for your mission-critical equipment. It supports computers, servers, networks, Voip and telecommunications.

With a 1.0 output power factor the PowerPure RT Series UPS provides 30% more power at the output in comparison to standard 0.7 power factor UPS systems and can support more critical equipment.

The PowerPure RT Series features optional external battery packs that can be connected for longer backup time and added flexibility for future demand. This makes it an ideal choice for servers with high power density and input power factor.


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