Astrodyne EMI and RFI Shielded Room Filters

Astrodyne EMI and RFI Shielded Room Filters

shielded room filters

EMI and RFI shielded room filters help eliminate the RF interference created by outside sources.

Astrodyne’s EMI/EMC/ RFI filter capabilities help your products meet all their requirements and achieve “Mission Success” in the ultimate application. They are a uniquely integrated company for advanced design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and technical support offering a complete selection of power line filters. Standardized as well as customer-specific solutions – with full engineering support – help customers meet international compliance standards and improve the immunity and safety of electrical and electronic equipment.

EMI/EMC solutions, ranging from small 1-phase components to powerful 2500A/690V industrial 3-phase filters. Most standard catalog items carry international approvals (UL, CSA, CE).

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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Astrodyne TDI, a manufacturer of power supplies and EMI filters for industrial, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, consumer appliance, military, aerospace, and many varied markets.

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