The EC Axial Fan & Motor

EC Axial Fan and Motor

SUNON EC axial fans applied to high efficient brushless DC motors result in an 80% reduction in power consumption over conventional AC axial fans.

Furthermore, it passes the dustproof, waterproof IP68 rating. SUNON EC fans meet the EU ATEX directive and protect most flammable refrigerants (such as R600a, R290, R32, etc.),  ensuring the safety of commercial refrigerator, freezer, icemaker, heat pump water heater, heat pump dryer and air conditioning applications.

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EC DC Motor with Integrated AC to DC Converter

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for SUNON. Today SUNON has become the best thermal solution provider for clients across various industries, such as IT, automobile electronics, optical electronics, and network communication, claiming global shares of 26% and 19% respectively in the markets of projectors and notebook computers.