Tempest EMI Filters Meet RED/Black Separation Requirements

Astrodyne Tempest EMI Filters

Astrodyne is a leading provider of TEMPEST EMI filters. Electronic equipment such as computers and other peripherals can leak sensitive information over conducted and radiated electromagnetic emanations.

These signals transmitted down an unprotected telephone or a power line can potentially be intercepted by an enemy or a competitors over the same telephone or power cable many miles away.

TEMPEST filters stop the high frequency EM signals (or noise) emanating inside the secure environment so these can’t travel outside the room/ facility over power or communication cables.

It’s an accepted industry standard to use filters that provide high insertion loss across the board rage of frequencies, such as 60dB or 80dB or 100dB from 14KHz or 100KHz to 10GHz. In certain cases cut off frequency goes further down.

Astrodyne offers a wide range of EMI/ RFI/ EMC filters that help our customers meet RED/Black separation requirements. We offer TEMPEST filters that provide 100dB insertion loss from 14kHz to 10GHz. Other TEMPEST filters series provide minimum 60dB insertion loss from 100kHz to 1GHz for secondary level of TEMPEST protection on individual equipment.

In addition to the TEMEPST filters listed below, all of our shielded room filters and communication filters provide TEMPEST level EMI performance and can be used in those applications.

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