Maintain Compliance with Emission Standards with Astrodyne TDI Three Phase EMI Filters

Three phase EMI filters by Astrodyne TDI

Three-phase EMI filter reduces electromagnetic interference and helps you maintain compliance with emission standards.

At Astrodyne TDI, you’ll find a range of EMI Filters available for both Delta and WYE configurations.


Different types of electrical networks have various power demands. Smaller items — such as consumer electronics and home appliances like microwaves — have little power demands and only need Single Phase power. But High Power applications — like industrial machinery and test equipment — require more power to function. Three-Phase power is often used to distribute power in these large-scale applications.

Three-Phase EMI Filters offer more effective noise suppression in high-power applications than their Single-Phase counterparts. Because electrical noise can impede the functionality of many electronic and electrical devices, Three-Phase Filters can keep your high power products running smoothly and help you maintain compliance with federal EMI regulations.


A wide array of industries use Three-Phase EMI filters in their daily operations. Equipment manufacturers specifically benefit from using three-phase filters in a variety of industrial machinery. Some of the many uses of these filters include:

  • Three-Phase inverters and frequency converters
  • Industrial machine tools
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • Fixed Computer Systems
  • MRIs and X-Ray Equipment
  • Foodservice Equipment
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Commercial Vending
  • Gaming Machines
  • Frequency Converters
  • Test Equipment


When you need Three-Phase EMI Filters for Industrial, Medical and Military equipment, you need the most reliable solution possible.

Astrodyne TDI Three-Phase EMI filters carry U.S. (UL), Canadian (cUL/CA) and European (IEC/VDE/Semko) agency approval. Each filter is quality tested in our agency-approved in-house testing facility and can be designed to meet U.S., European and Canadian safety approval standards.

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